Your Menus

Your menu is one of the most important things about your restaurant. It is what potential customers look at when they pass by and chances are it is one of the first things that they look at when they visit your website. However here at Le Menu we are aware that many restaurants change their menu on a weekly if not daily basis. That is why our clients have complete control over their online menu. Using our simple password protected control panel, you will be able to change your online menu whenever you change your menu.

Never again will your customers have to just see a “Sample Menu” to give them an idea of what kind of fare they might expect when they visit your restaurant as you will be able to show them the menu as it is at any given time.

Easy Updates

Having complete control over your menu, is not only a boon for those restaurants that regularly change their dishes on offer. Most restaurants will occasionally be forced because of increased prices from suppliers to pass those increases on to their customers. You will have the ability to alter all the prices on your menu through your easy to use control panel. Thus saving the fees you would normally have had to pay to a web developer to do what is a very simple job.