The World’s Hottest Pizza?

A Lincolnshire restaurant has created what they believe is the world’s hottest pizza. The Little Italian Pizza Company in Sleaford have launched the “Death by Pizza” and promise a reward to any customer who is able to finish it.


The pizza which checks in at a mouth-burning 12 million scovilles was developed as a collaboration between owner James Broderick and Muhammad Karim of the Bindi Indian restaurant in Grantham, home of reputedly the world’s hottest curry.

To give you an idea of how obscenely hot it is, pepper spray used by the police only clocks in at an average of 5 million scovilles, which are the unit used to measure heat from chillies.

Any customer who is able to finish the pizza within thirty minutes whilst consuming no more than 1 pint of liquid to cool their taste buds will receive a £20 reward and get their picture displayed on the restaurant’s  ‘Wall of Flame’.