No Shows

Is there a greater scourge for restaurants than “no shows”? Customers who make reservations and then fail to show up can chip away at restaurant’s profits.

Using our unique reminder service we can help to cut down on “no shows” for reservations.

Example of how it works

  1. On Monday afternoon a customer reserves a table at your  restaurant for dinner on Saturday at 7:30pm
  2. On Saturday morning at 10am our system will automatically send a text message to the customer that looks something like the shot below
  3. The customer clicks on the link and this marks them as confirmed in the reservations database
  4. If the customer hasn’t clicked to confirm by 6pm you can call them to check if they are still coming and free the table up if they have changed their mind


Save time and money

Of course, many restaurants that employ someone to telephone check reservations on a daily basis, but this is time consuming and costly. Our system will cut out the need for you to do this. Most customers will click on the link to confirm they are still attending leaving you only to contact those customers who have not confirmed.

Our text reminder service comes as built in for all our clients, all you need to do is to specify what time of day you wish the texts to be sent and each day at that time it will send them to everyone who has a reservation for that particular day.

Empty tables on busy nights cost you money

Make sure your restaurant is not plagued with costly no-shows.  No one wants to have to turn away customers and leave a table empty for a reservation isn’t going to turn up. Making sure you fully utilise your dining capacity at all times.