Online Reservations

Fill your restaurant with customers

Our At Le Menu our aim is to enable you to streamline your bookings. A more efficient reservations system helps you to get more customers and to keep them coming back for more. If your staff spend less time needing to answer the telephone or replying to emails they can spend more time giving attentive service to your diners. A well-organised online reservation system will save you time and ultimately increase your profits.

People prefer to book online

One of the ironies of everyone carrying a mobile phone around with them all day is that people use them less for talking and more for surfing the web and sending text messages. In an age where we can do pretty much everything online, some restaurants still insist that they’ll only take bookings over the phone between certain hours. Your potential customers will want the option to reserve online. If you’re not offering it they may well go somewhere else that is.

Click here to try out our online reservations demo

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Click the screenshot to try our live demo

24/7 booking

Our system allows your customers to reserve a table instantly whenever they want to. If you only take telephone bookings then your customers can only book when there is someone there to answer the calls, assuming the line isn’t busy. If you take email requests for bookings then your customer may have to wait hours for a reply confirming if they have a table. Our system allows customers to reserve a table whenever they want. If the restaurant is open for their chosen time and day and there is room for them the table can be reserved without you having to do anything.

Multi-platform booking

Our reservation system enables your customers to not only make reservations from your website, we enable you to use the system directly within your Facebook page, or even from your Twitter profile.

Cost effective email and SMS marketing

Le Menu’s reservation system enables you to over time build up a comprehensive database of all your customers: How often they dine; how much they normally spend; what kind of food they like. This information is powerful as it enables you to use cost effective strategic marketing techniques such as tailored emails and text messages directly from your reservations system. First time diners can perhaps be given a complimentary glass of wine or a special offer. Allow customers to opt-in to a birthday club which enables you to send out special offers around the time they will be looking to book somewhere to celebrate.

Cut out the mistakes

Tables double booked; incorrect party sizes; long waits for your customers trying to phone you; voicemail messages left unlistened to; lost Bookings. If any of these sound familiar to you then your restaurant will benefit from our reservations system. Using our system you and your staff are able to see bookings at a glance, not just on your computer in the restaurant, all your staff will be able to access the data from their mobile wherever they are. Keep on top of things at all times to keep your restaurant running like a dream.

Roll out the red carpet for all your guests

With our system in use even new members of staff will never have to face the embarrassment of not recognising that someone isn’t a first-time diner but your most loyal customer. Make sure your staff are backed up by the knowledge database that will accumulate over time by ensuring they know about customers food and drink preferences, allergies etc. Knowledgeable staff make for happy diners. Happy diners come back again and again.

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