Online Ordering

Your website shouldn’t just be a ‘shop window’

There are an awful lot of restaurant owners who treat their website like a shop window. Restaurateurs see their competitors nearly all have websites so feel they need to have one too. Often the development costs for such a website can run into thousands of pounds and all to just keep up with the Joneses. Of course shop windows are important. If people like what they see they may well decide to purchase something. However more often than not that’s where the use of the website ends as you force your potential customers to either pick up the phone or write you an email. At Le Menu we believe that your website should be more than a shop window – Amazon didn’t make their millions by encouraging people to pick up the phone – their website is the money making vehicle. Make yours do just the same.


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Put your customers first

You should be offering your customers, both new and existing, many different options of how they order their takeaway or delivery from you. If you want them to order from you that should be reason enough to accommodate them. Whilst some will be happy enough walking in to order a takeaway, others will prefer to pick up the telephone. A large number will wish to browse your menu from their laptop, tablet or phone, adding dishes to a shopping cart in the manner that they are so familiar with. Those customers may well go somewhere else if you don’t give them the option.

If time is money don’t waste it

How much time do you and your staff spend answering the phone receiving takeaway orders? If it’s a busy time on a busy evening the chances are an awful lot. Our research has shown that the average delivery order taken over the telephone takes around 2 minutes from start to finish. Our online ordering system enables you to process a delivery order in less than 2 seconds. What’s more, this includes sending the order through to the kitchen to prepare. This not only frees you and your staff up to be more attentive to customers in your restaurant or shop it ensures your customers aren’t having to wait for the phone line to free up so they can place their order.

Online shoppers spend more

Online orders are typically around 20% larger than telephone orders. The online ordering process gives you the chance to build in up-selling techniques in a way that is far less pushy to the customer than it might be over the phone. For example you can offer items at special prices just as the customer is about to checkout online. These techniques are tried and tested and can increase those all important profit margins.

Get your customers coming back again and again

Over time all your customers ordering preferences are logged in a database. This database will become one of your most valuable marketing tools, as you know who orders what, when and how often. Using precision marketing techniques such as email and SMS you can contact your customers offering them incentives to order, such as special offers and loyalty schemes.

Accept online payments

Our system allows you to offer your customers the option of paying for their takeaway or delivery online. Many customers prefer to pay by card or by Paypal especially if they have decided to order a delivery and they don’t happen to have enough cash on them in person. Giving your customers this option will cost you no more than it would if they paid by card in person. Also if people are paying up front for their food you don’t have to worry about cooking an order for takeaway and then them not showing up to collect it – a problem which all takeaways have to deal with from time to time.

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