Mobile Apps

Like it or not the mobile phone is now a major player in the web. This means that more people are viewing your website on a mobile phone than ever before. Time was not that long ago when only a handful of your monthly visitors would have been doing so on a mobile device, not any more. In fact most experts agree that we are nearing a tipping point whereby there are more people viewing the web on mobiles than on desktops and laptops.

What does this mean for restaurants?

In simple terms this points to the fact that if you do not want your business to fall behind the competition you need to make sure you have a mobile enabled website. And soon.

Free mobile website

All our clients at Le Menu get a free bespoke mobile website provided for them when they sign up with us. It is designed to your specification using your house style, colours, graphics and pictures to ensure there is a consistency with the branding of your main website and any other promotional literature you may use.

Your mobile website will contain:

  • All your menu(s).
  • An interactive map
  • Contact details
  • Social Media Links
  • Online reservation widget
  • Online Ordering widget
  • Photo gallery
  • A page about your restaurant
  • Reviews of your restaurant

You will also be able to update your mobile app very easily using a web-based password protected control panel, which will enable you to customise any of the above.

All of our clients get a mobile enabled website provided at no extra cost to find out more sign up for more information today.