$10,000 tip left by mystery diner

A generous diner in New Orleans left a lucky staff member a tip of $10,000 last weekend.  The bill itself came to a not insubstantial $9,000 at the city’s Galatoire’s restaurant and the $10,000 tip came to light when someone posted it on the Instagram account “Tips for Jesus”.

One commenter on the Instagram site, said, “I dined at Galatoire’s the same night and was there when his party arrived and after they left. He had a party of about 8 men and bought bottles of champagne (that ranged from $300-$600) for every table.”

Thankfully for the staff member the restaurant has confirmed it is not in the habit of withholding employee’s tips.

“The name on the receipt, if that’s the person it indicates, is a long-serving Galatoire’s waiter, somebody that people would recognize from the restaurant if they’ve been there,” said Ian McNulty, a local food critic. “It just causes a lot of speculation of who these people might be, what they might be up to,” said McNulty. “If they’re still in town it could be a coffee shop or an old po-boy joint next.”

There has been speculation that the mystery tipper is a former PayPal executive but no one has publicly come forward.


Are smartphones causing diners to dawdle in restaurants

An online anonymous rant  by a manager of a ‘busy NYC restaurant’ claims that customers constantly using  phones are to blame for a huge increase in the time it takes to be served in restaurants.

The poster on Craigslist  claims to have studied surveillance videos from the last ten years and found that the average time it takes to service a customer has almost doubled.

The restauranteur came to the conclusion  that mobile phones are now such a  large distraction for customers that they prevent them from ordering as efficiently as they used to.

One theory posited was that customers spend a long time trying to connect to the restaurant’s free wifi, often calling the waiters over for help when they can’t connect.  Other distractions for waiting staff include being asked to take group photos of the customers. Then of course there is the recent trend for customers taking photos of every meal to be shared with friends on social media, time taking photos is time not eating the actual meal.


The poster, from Manhattan, doesn’t give away the  name of the restaurant but describes it as ‘a popular restaurant for both locals and tourists alike’.

‘We are grateful for everyone who comes into our restaurant, after all there are so many choices out there. But can you please be a bit more considerate?’


Crocodile curry claims to be the world’s hottest

A restaurant in Staffordshire has invented a recipe for what it claims to be world’s hottest curry.

The Dilshad in Chadsmoor has started serving ‘The Crocodile Inferno’  to its more adventurous  customers, made from as you might expect crocodile meat and claiming it is twice as hot as pepper spray the police sometimes use. It is apparently so full of chilli that the chefs who prepare it have to wear safety equipment to stop them from being overpowered by the fumes.

Dilshad owner Tony Uddin said the curry was certainly not for chilli lightweights.

“I believe this could be the hottest curry in the world,” he said. “The crocodile will literally be biting back as you eat it. You will feel an intense burning – it will be a torrid experience and not for the faint hearted.

Staff at The Dilshad encourage you to try to the world's hottest curry

Staff at The Dilshad encourage you to try to the world’s hottest curry

“There will be so much pain and toil and you will literally feel like you have wrestled a crocodile by the end of it.

“I am not sure anyone can finish it.”

Before any customer can try the Crocodile Inferno they have to sign a disclaimer form. The curry contains an array of some of the world’s hottest chillies including the ghost chilli, the Trinidad scorpion Butch T chilli pepper and the world’s hottest chilli the Carolina Reaper.

Any customer who isn’t beaten back by the ferocious heat will be awarded a prize:  curry lovers who manage to eat a whole portion of Crocodile Inferno will win a special T-shirt to remember the occasion.

So far according to their twitter feed no one has yet walked out in possession of the prize.

The World’s Hottest Pizza?

A Lincolnshire restaurant has created what they believe is the world’s hottest pizza. The Little Italian Pizza Company in Sleaford have launched the “Death by Pizza” and promise a reward to any customer who is able to finish it.


The pizza which checks in at a mouth-burning 12 million scovilles was developed as a collaboration between owner James Broderick and Muhammad Karim of the Bindi Indian restaurant in Grantham, home of reputedly the world’s hottest curry.

To give you an idea of how obscenely hot it is, pepper spray used by the police only clocks in at an average of 5 million scovilles, which are the unit used to measure heat from chillies.

Any customer who is able to finish the pizza within thirty minutes whilst consuming no more than 1 pint of liquid to cool their taste buds will receive a £20 reward and get their picture displayed on the restaurant’s  ‘Wall of Flame’.