$10,000 tip left by mystery diner

A generous diner in New Orleans left a lucky staff member a tip of $10,000 last weekend.  The bill itself came to a not insubstantial $9,000 at the city’s Galatoire’s restaurant and the $10,000 tip came to light when someone posted it on the Instagram account “Tips for Jesus”.

One commenter on the Instagram site, said, “I dined at Galatoire’s the same night and was there when his party arrived and after they left. He had a party of about 8 men and bought bottles of champagne (that ranged from $300-$600) for every table.”

Thankfully for the staff member the restaurant has confirmed it is not in the habit of withholding employee’s tips.

“The name on the receipt, if that’s the person it indicates, is a long-serving Galatoire’s waiter, somebody that people would recognize from the restaurant if they’ve been there,” said Ian McNulty, a local food critic. “It just causes a lot of speculation of who these people might be, what they might be up to,” said McNulty. “If they’re still in town it could be a coffee shop or an old po-boy joint next.”

There has been speculation that the mystery tipper is a former PayPal executive but no one has publicly come forward.