Everything under one roof

We take an holistic approach to using technology to help you run your restaurant more smoothly than you could have ever imagined possible.  From setting your menu, to online real-time reservations, to customers ordering drinks from their phone, to waiting staff sending through orders to the kitchen from their phone, to customers paying the bill on the phone the whole process from start to finish can be easily managed using our software.

Mobile technology is everywhere use it to your advantage

The latest figures available show that nearly 80% of people in the UK own a smartphone. You may even have noticed that the first thing that many of your customers do when they are seated is to check their phone, before they’ve even looked at your menu! And  it doesn’t end there -  when the food arrives they take photos of it to share on social media. Take advantage of 24/7 connection and make it work for your restaurant.

A more efficient restaurant makes for happier customers

Of course there are several factors that determine the success or otherwise of your business: the quality of the food; the perceived value for money; the location; the ambience that you create to help them enjoy their meal. These are factors beyond our control, but there is one very important thing which we can help you with and that is your level of service.

Good service can make all the difference

How easy is it for your potential customers to reserve a table or order food to takeaway? How quickly can your waiting staff take the order and get it to the kitchen? How easy is it for customers to attract a waiter’s attention when they want to order more drinks or side dishes? How easy is it for your customers to receive the bill and pay it at the end of a meal?  These things combined will likely play a massive part in how your customers feel when they walk away from your restaurant. This will not only determine if they come back but what they tell their friends.